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Since 1997 we dedicate ourselves in website design of highest standardOur customers benefit from our experience in search engine optimization and online marketing. We would like to point out that the guarantee for a first place ranking in search engines is dubios as this ranking is subject to a daily change of terms and conditions. 
However, you may have noticed that our customers and portals can be found in the top positions.
SEO conferences
Our manager and in house SEO Markus Rabanser and the Web Administrator and SEO Andreas Oberhauser visited the SEOkomm conference in Salzburg. On the first day Markus Rabanser was chosen among the many visitors as one of 30 SEO Superheros and was therefore one of the 30 Link Research SEO Vip guests of this event.
During the first day various producers of the different SEOtools (software for monitoring and analysis) were competing  in order to impress the SEO’s. The event confirmed that our agency uses already the best Tools. 
On the second day of the conference the excellent  Speakers impressed with various issues concerning Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

In December we are going to visit the Italian SEO conference in Riccione, specially dedicated on the Italian and international tourism. In March 2013 we are going to visit the “SeoCampixx” in Berlin, the European top event in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing. Internet service will be one of the sponsors.

Mobile Internet 
The strong trends towards mobile Internet use was confirmed.
Currently, restaurants and service websites are more frequently searched on mobile phones and tablet Pc’s (iPad and Co.) than on standard Pc’s.  Even the mobile access of some of our hotel customers is already higher than the standard PC access. Therefore we advise you to think about a mobile version of your website.

Social media
Social media is becoming more and more important. 2013 is going to be the year of  Google +. The strong connection between Google+ and Google Search has been proved just like the fact that Google gives advantage to its own social media platform compared to other platforms.  A single post on Google+ causes the immediate indexing of a new website, while the same post on Facebook and Twitter had no effect on Google.  A fact is, however, that the presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+  has became a “must”. Even video channels such as  YouTube should not be ignored, as every second search is done on Youtube.

SEO mistake - Link purchase
The Top SEO’s expressed their displeasure on PR agencies and self-proclaimed SEO experts. Unfortunately some agencies represent themselves  as search engine optimizers even though they have no professional knowledge in this sector.  Already one incorrect posted link to or from a website can cause the total devaluation of the rankings!
Therefore we repeat:
Be careful with agencies which promise “to realize the impossible”, because it can have fatal consequences. 
Caution with backlink purchases! They can easily be recognized by the latest updates of Google and it can even lead to the total exclusion from Google.

SEO Texts "Unique content"
Texts are the main factor to reach a good ranking in the search engines. The text must be "Unique content", that means that the text has to be written especially for the site and it has to be "100% unique" in order to guarantee a good stabilized ranking of the site. Internet Service has  extended its services and provides a team of specialized, local SEO-text writers who have already created very successful projects.

Google Adwords
Internet service is "Google Engage" partner of Google Adwords. Costumers who want to test the advertising ads of Google can contact us our office. Take this opportunity to get to know  Google Adwords and you will get a 100€  voucher in our office free of charge!

Google Places 360 ° Images
A partner photographer of Internet service place 360 °  images on Google Places (or in hotel finder) for an affordable price. The result is amazing. Here you can find some examples:
Rabanser shoes 
Ristorante Tubladel

Google Hotel Finder
Gogle will succeed a significant market change with the new “ Hotel Finder” Travel Aps which will shortly be activated in Europe. Google wants to compete with the leading booking portals which own a large part of the market.
It still remains exciting!

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