Digital Domicile (PEC): obligation to notify the Commercial Register by October 1

The Chamber of Commerce reminds all companies registered in the Commercial Register of the deadline of October 1, 2020 to telematically communicate their digital domicile (PEC). After this deadline, companies without a PEC will incur an administrative penalty.

Since 2009, all companies are obliged to indicate their certified e-mail address when registering with the Commercial Register and from 2013 the obligation has been extended to sole proprietorships. The PEC address must be traceable exclusively to the company itself without the possibility of domiciliation with third parties.
In order to facilitate the use of certified e-mail between the administration, companies and professionals, the rules imposing the obligation to have a PEC box, which now becomes the "digital domicile" of the company, have been strengthened. This is established by the Simplifications Decree converted into Law no. 120 of 11 September 2020.
"All companies, both individual and corporate, without a valid PEC address are required to telematically communicate their digital domicile to the Registry by 1 October 2020. The communication of digital domicile is exempt from stamp duty and secretarial fees," recalls Martin Ferrari, Registrar of the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce.
For those who do not comply with this communication there are penalties of between 206 and 2,064 euros for companies and between 30 and 1,548 euros for sole proprietorships, as well as the official assignment of a digital domicile by the Chamber of Commerce.
For further information, please contact the Commercial Register, tel. 0471 945 627 - 661, e-mail:

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