Beware of telephone calls about Internet contracts

Beware of telephone calls about Internet contracts
Invoices with amounts sometimes even in the five-digit range.
Once again, there are more and more cases of entrepreneurs being contacted in order to conclude contracts by telephone. The caller refers to an apparently existing Internet presence of the contacted company (Google entry or similar) and/or to the extension of a contract already concluded in the past. Due to the wording, but especially due to the situation of being taken by surprise, the entrepreneur is induced to conclude a contract.
A few days after the telephone conversation, the contacted companies receive invoices, some of which are even in the five-digit range. If the amounts demanded are not paid, debt collection agencies are instructed to collect the money.
We recommend that you always exercise caution in the case of such calls and do not agree to any contracts being concluded by telephone without due consideration.
Fonte HDS.

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