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Also in South Tyrol the E-commerce is increasing

The Sales & Service Union hds informs small companies

Also in South Tyrol the electronic commerce phenomenon is in constant expansion. According to a study by the Institute for Statistics ASTAT more than 112.000 South Tyroleans have handled their shopping online in 2013. Therefore the augmentation between the years 2006 and 2013 adds up to an annual 9.6 %. Corresponding to the Unionís president Walter Amort, the internet, combined with the disposal of smartphones and tablets, affects the behaviour of internet users. In order to track this progress and to stand by small businesses the Union would like to offer advanced training, sensitization courses and direct consultation. The Internet Service Company provides this kind of counselling conversations, too.

Also South Tyrolís enterprises benefit from this new type of communication, as new lines of commercialization are developing in addiction to the classic trading and the traditional attendance. Amort claims confidently, that this new way of marketing is not going to replace but to enrich the old form of trading. In the near future, like at the beginning of retail trading, the individual consultancy is going to persist as the most important component of the classic visible trade. Therefore this form of merchandising is viable for the upcoming time.

According to the Unionís leader Walter Amort the online earnings are doubtlessly increasing. Currently it is not possible to distinguish them from the constant gains anymore, as a lot of costumers collect information online before buying a product in the shop and vice versa.

The merchantís and entrepreneurís response to this progress can be either positive or negative; they can either oppose to it or take it as a chance for a new business idea. For the Union it doesnít have to concern the e-commerce immediately but the online presence is certainly decisive nowadays. Recommendable principles are for example attendance in the network and sophisticated locating methods.

Electronic commerce - E-commerce

Detailed consultation and training courses for an easy access into the electronic commerce

The E-commerce has developed a new line of commercialization in addiction to the classic trading and the traditional attendance. This recent form of business gives little companies the chance to participate in the international trade and to benefit from it. With the Unionís help it is possible to elaborate a new firm concept, which combines the electronic with the traditional store. A specialist provided by the Union is present in every district to help out with administrative, fiscal and juristic difficulties. Thanks to a deal with noted experts, the first consultation will be free of charge for all Union members. The Internet Service Company provides these counselling conversations, too.

Use opportunities

To step successfully into the electronic commerce, a retailer has to be able to rate the potential buyer and to consider his requests. Usually an ascertainable online presence is adequate. Discover your chances in the electronic commerce through information, conversations and training courses sponsored by the Union.

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