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Also this year our CEO Markus Rabanser has visited together with web administrator Andreas Oberhauser the most important conferences on the theme of SEO and Internet marketing. Like last year Internet Service is proud sponsor of the SEOCampixx in Berlin, which belongs, according to the SEO scene, to the TOP European conference in this sector.
Below we provide you with some information about innovations in the field of Internet Marketing.
Adwords promotion campaigns are offered by numerous agencies. We like to remind that such advertising methods can easily be created by yourself. If you need a coupon code for Adwords you can pick it up at our office.
The targeted control of online advertising allows a customized advertising campaign and a higher conversion rate. With retargeting (remarketing) solutions of Google, users who have for example shown interest in your accommodation, will get monitored and tracked with your Adwords advertising placements on other websites. The purpose of this procedure is to follow a user who has already shown his interest for a website with targeted ad placements.
Facebook, Google+ etc. are early warning systems, this means good and bad comments will be posted there earlier than in mainstream media (for example websites like tripa dvisor TripAdvisor). 
The right response (excuse or explanation of the incident) offers in such cases an immediate remedial action and possibly blocks a shitstorm (negative-comments) already during the initial phase. 
The integration of Google+ in the comments of YouTube will certainly give a big impulse to this social media tool. Your accommodation should absolutely have a Google+ page. Recently you can also use the name of your company in the URL.
Targeted decision support for users in case of booking represents the so-called "artificial shortage" (e.g.  the message that only one room is available, although more are available) as well as prices which automatically adapt to the request (e.g. at the second request the price increases automatically.)
Therefore it can be helpful to use these methods in your offers. 
In a "case study" the same product was displayed in various graphical layouts, which subsequently have brought very different conversions. 
Summarizing it should be noted that not the cheapest offer has brought the most sales, but the one with the best graphic! 
Cookieless tracking, a software, developed in the USA, understands by means of the online behavior of the Internet user, what interests the user shows without setting a cookie (user identification).
We warn about the installation of toolbars published by unknown authors, as they can store and forward your personal data. They are actually in the position to manipulate the websites on your browser, so that foreign-controlled ads and results can be displayed. 
Many web designers create responsive websites with equal contents for each platform. This is a non-ideal solution. Mobile compatible contents should be adapted in size and content specifically for mobile phone users, as these users have special requirements.
The author’s picture next to the results of a website on Google is currently in vogue. The click rate is slightly improved, because your ad becomes more striking due to the picture. With pleasure we assist you to place your author’s picture next to your ad. 
See an example on: 
Google glasses are currently being tested in the USA and is expected to completely revolutionize the Internet market. Google glasses is a wearable computer which displays information when you observe an object (augmented reality). An example: By observing the “Sassolungo” Google glasses shows in addition all the available information.
Recently Google has applied another update called "Hummingbird". With this procedure the linked websites are compared and evaluated on the internet. The result is a strengthening of the semantic results, respectively Google tries to learn based on the user behavior and draws direct correlations by saving the texts on the pages. "Just like a student!" 
Google shows more personal and specific search results by remembering the preferences of the users. Therefore the manipulation of the results becomes increasingly difficult. 
Google Now is already a step ahead. By the collection of user data and behavior, it obtains the possibility, to provide the requested information in advance. Google Now stores your data and displays the required information already before requesting it, e.g. the travel time from your home to your office and the current weather situation. This "intelligent, personal assistant" refers to our behavior in the previous days.
Try to keep your web site up to date and compatible with the new media.
The websites produced by Internet Service guarantee a certain "WOW effect”, because each of our projects is "unique"! Some good examples can be found in our reference list:

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