Warning against fraudulent e-mails with requests to transfer money to foreign bank accounts

Chamber of Commerce warns against fraudulent e-mails with requests to transfer money to foreign bank accounts


On the advice of the postal and communications police of Bolzano, the Chamber of Commerce draws attention to renewed cases of fraud at the expense of South Tyrolean companies. The victims are the payment departments of the companies, who are being asked to transfer money abroad by e-mail. It is particularly misleading to specify specific internal company data in the e-mail.

The fraudsters proceed in two ways. In the first case, the company's payment department receives an e-mail requesting it to make certain payments to bank accounts abroad. The sender of the e-mail appears to be an authorized person from the company.

In the second case, the payment department receives a misleading e-mail from a known supplier address. The message requests a change to the usual current account with reference to the payment of the deliveries, whereby the new bank coordinates again correspond to an account abroad.

In both cases the e-mail is sent by a fraudster who has gained access to specific information about the company and its suppliers. The provision of such specific data and careful spelling can therefore easily mislead even professionals.

Once the money has been transferred abroad, it is extremely difficult to recover the sums paid. The Chamber of Commerce therefore recommends South Tyrolean companies to prevent such misleading statements by introducing new payment procedures. For example, especially in the case of larger amounts, all data should be rechecked.

For any reports and information, please contact the Bolzano Postal and Communication Police, Tel. 0471 531 413, or the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce, contact person Thomas Wenter, Tel. 0471 945 605, e-mail: 

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