Important security warning: Beware of fraudulent e-mails

Important security warning: Beware of fraudulent e-mails

Dear customers,

we would like to inform you of fraudulent e-mails that are currently circulating. These e-mails often come from addresses and contain predominantly English-language requests. A distinctive feature of these e-mails is that they often provide no or only very vague information about personal data. We urge you to be particularly careful if you receive such e-mails. If you have already replied to such an e-mail and consequently receive further messages containing images of identity cards and credit cards, we strongly advise you not to click on them. These images could contain a virus that could put your systems at risk.


Content: Good afternoon, dear Hotel Manager! We are planning a honeymoon for May 2024, 10 days, what can you offer us? All dates in May, preferably with breakfast, thank you, waiting for feedback.

Content: Hi there! I'd like to reserve a Standard Double Room for two adults with a double bed from June 12 to June 15, 2024. Could you check availability and provide the price? Thank you!

Kind regards,
The InternetService team

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