Check valid PEC addresses

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Verificare gli indirizzi PEC validi

Check valid PEC addresses

The "Digital Domicile" for sole proprietorships and companies must be announced by 1 October.

Sole proprietorships and companies registered in the Commercial Register are already required to provide a valid PEC address. Now, however, there is no longer any talk of a PEC address or certified mail address, but of a genuine "digital domicile" of the sole proprietorship or company. The "Simplifications" decree stipulates that sole proprietorships and companies have until 1 October 2020 to communicate their "Digital Domicile", i.e. a valid PEC address to the Chamber of Commerce or their professional association. There are already penalties for offenders, but these will be increased as of 1 October 2020.

It is therefore advisable to check your situation and correct any shortcomings, such as an expired and not renewed PEC address.

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